Real Estate Phang Nga


Phang Nga is known for its natural beauty - it’s a home to many of the most recognizable natural landmarks and landscapes that came to define Thailand. From Phang Nga bay limestone cliffs to Samet Nangshe viewpoint, no other province appears on post cards as much as the beautiful Phang Nga.

The province is located on the mainland south to Phuket. It stretches from Andaman sea on the west to Phang Nga bay on the east. It encompasses many islands as well, including Similans, Surin islands, Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai and Koh Tapu. Phang Nga bay’s distinct feature are its majestic limestone karst cliffs, that jut out of the sea giving the area its unique, recognizable look.

Phang Nga is famous for it’s natural attractions: Phang Nga Bay with its Ao Phang Nga Marine Park, idyllic islands, white sandy beaches of Khao Lak, jungle of Khao Lampi–Hat Thai Mueang national park and Ton Phai Waterfall, and much more.

During COVID-19 Phang Nga was one of domestic destinations that attracted local tourists (particularly from Bangkok) who were unable to go abroad due to active international travel restrictions (notably that was the case with Khao Lak, which became one of the biggest stars of government-initiated ‘We Travel Together ‘incentive program, aimed to bolster domestic travel).

Property market

Phang Nga market has seen some development in 2000s and 2010s, however it was mostly small-scale boutique developments, with only limited amount of high-profile developments, such as Charn Issara’s Baba Beach Club. However, with ongoing tourism boom on Phuket, many repeat customers started looking towards surrounding areas, including Krabi and Phang Nga. Increased attention from domestic audience during COVID further cemented the area’s appeal as a holiday home destination.

With Phuket real estate market slowly but surely maturing and land supply naturally decreasing over time, Phang Nga is a natural next choice both for large-scale and small developments. Most of the province’s beach areas are easily accessible within 30-60 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport - to put this in perspective, Phuket’s own Patong and Rawai are within 40 and 60 minutes drive respectively.

Government, both realizing the potential of Phang Nga and aiming to redirect the arrivals from busy Phuket airport, announced that a new Phang Nga-Andaman international airport will be built in the province, nearby Sarasin bridge, which links Phuket to mainland.

Phang Nga already is attracting attention from big industry players. Notable developments include Aquella mega-development by the joint venture of Allan Zeman’s Lai Kwan Fong and Richard Li’s Pacific Century Group, which will include an 18-hole golf course, tennis academy and multiple residential phases on 1100 rai of beachfront land. There is a substantial supply of new high-end hotels, including new Kempinski hotel in Natai area.

Due to Phang Nga zoning regulations, most of new beachside developments on the sought-after west coast are villas, which limits the density and prevents overdevelopment, preserving beach-town appeal of the area.

Phang Nga facts

  • One of Phang Nga’s famous landmarks is Koh Tapu, also known as James Bond island - after being prominently featured in 1974 ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ movie,